Enlightenment Engineers and Magazine Karma

What gets lost when a subject is big and the word count is small.

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This Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar as Easy as Angry Birds

All it takes is a finger swipe and a few taps of the touchscreen, and the cyber attack is ready to launch.

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It’s Finally Time for Something New

Goodbye, Wired. Goodbye, Danger Room.

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Congress Smashes Pentagon's New Den of Spies

If the Pentagon’s not careful, it’s going to find its new network of spies rolled up by Congress.

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House Panel Shoves Pentagon-China Satellite Deal Out of the Airlock

The Pentagon insists that its deal with a Chinese satellite firm to carry U.S. troops’ communications isn’t a security risk. But Congressmen with the ultra-influential House Armed Services Committee don’t want to leave military data in Beijing’s hands.

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With New Mini-Satellites, Special Ops Takes Its Manhunts Into Space

Officially, the September rocket launch is supposed to improve America’s ability to send small satellites into orbit. But the launch will also have a second purpose: to help U.S. commandos hunt people down.

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